The 15 Minute Miracle Diet
It seems like everybody is trying to lose weight nowadays. Everywhere you look there is another advertisement, another book, another get-thin-quick system that lures people in with the promise of simple, fast body fat loss that is easily accomplished and easily maintained. This is especially alluring in our society as the average body weight skyrockets and the daily exercise habits lessen. Children are heavier and diseases caused by high body weight are becoming more and more commonplace. The trend of combating this reality is rising, though. People are taking responsibility for their health and the health and future well-being of their children by learning about nutrition, the functioning of their bodies and how physical exercise promotes better overall wellness. With this push to improve the health of our society, though, people are noticing how time-consuming these efforts can be when adding them to all of the other day-to-day activities a person must perform. Because of this, the need for quick, easy and effective exercise regimes is higher than ever.

The 15 Minute Miracle, also referred to as the Fat Burning Furnace, is a system of weight loss that focuses on high-intensity bursts of whole-body, weight bearing exercises that force the body to gain pounds of muscle tissue. This muscle tissue requires the body to burn extra calories every day in order to maintain it. The body turns to fat stores to fuel itself when caloric burn exceeds the amount of calories that are eaten during the day. This can cause weight loss even during periods of rest, meaning a person using this system can lose body fat during all of their daily activities, even sleep. The way this system was designed there is no need to devote large blocks of time to an exercise regimen. Even without a cardio element, users see impressive results in just a few weeks. A slimmer, more toned, and more efficient body can be achieved in just two 15-minute sessions a week. In these sessions weights are used to increase the effort a person's body must use, which increases calorie burn and muscle growth. The movements were carefully planned to use the entire body, making each more efficient and powerful. Each exercise does the work of several movements from other programs. After 15 minutes, the entire body has been worked and is losing body fat.

Of course, exercise alone isn't the only way to create a thinner, more muscular body. A person's diet makes a huge impact on how well his body will be able to perform the exercises and how much of a result will occur. Fortunately, the makers of the Fat Burning Furnace exercise system also have the 15 Minute Miracle Diet. This system of satisfying, highly nutritious meals and snacks feeds the dieter's new muscle mass and encourages development of more. There is no concern for hunger, tiredness or unpleasant, bland and expensive diet food. The diet allows someone determined to lose that excess body weight to eat normal, "real" food in fulfilling quantities that will speed along the weight loss progress started by the 15 Minute Miracle system.

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