15 Minute Miracle Scam
It is easy to understand why some people might be skeptical when they read the promises made by Fat Burning Furnace creator Rob Poulos. He claims that his program can generate astonishing results quickly and easily, with only two short exercise sessions a week. In fact, he states an average loss of over 25 pounds in just 7 weeks -- truly remarkable results for a program that doesn't even require an extremely restrictive diet. Fortunately for the dieter, his claims are absolutely true. Despite the 15 Minute Miracle scam claims, this amazing program from Fat Burning Furnace really does deliver the incredible, encouraging results it promises, each case being unique of course, to those that follow its scientifically-sound, easy-to-understand plan. To debunk the rumors that the 15 Minute Miracle weight loss program could not possibly be as good as it claims to be, it is important to establish why these rumors exist. By understanding why this program is so amazing, you can understand that the claims of a scam are completely unfounded.

First, the program comes complete with a diet plan meant to work in conjunction with the exercise routine that makes up the core of the 15 Minute Miracle plan. The makers of FBF claim that this diet is easy to follow and doesn't bring up the same issues that other diet plans can. For example, other plans may require the purchase of branded, specialty or unusual foods. FBF does not do any of this. All of the example food plans included in the "Blueprint" e-book are made up entirely of regular grocery store items you are probably used to eating anyway. This seems like it couldn't really work but the diet plan is designed around a different principle than many other plans. Whereas many programs use calorie- or fat-counting to establish what foods can or cannot be eaten, FBF uses a balance of nutrition, focusing on eating a wide variety of nutritious foods in planned combinations to reap the most benefit out of them. Carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits are combined throughout the day to keep you satisfied and full of energy. This means that your body is working at its peak and will burn off those extra pounds more quickly.

Next, the exercise routine is the truly amazing part of the 15-Minute Miracle. The philosophy of the exercises in this program is based around using the entire body to perform high-intensity bursts of movement. These motions burn calories quickly and give a boost to your metabolism. A high metabolism and increased muscle mass built with the weight-bearing movements burn excess calories all day, even when you are sleeping. These exercises are so carefully designed that short workouts (as little as 15 minutes) done only twice a week can totally reshape your body in only a few weeks. To many this seems impossible, but it has been shown that muscle tissue requires extra calories to survive which means your body will automatically use up more calories during every activity. When these burned calories exceed calories eaten, the body turns to fat stores to use as fuel and weight is lost.

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