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Trying to burn off fat and keep it off on your own could be very frustrating. Certainly, working with a trainer can help many shed your weight, develop muscle tone, and look and feel great.

Yet having the help of a professional trainer can break the bank, costing up to $200 dollars for 60 minutes of training. Even a new and unseasoned trainer could cost you a whopping $75 in most gyms. As you can imagine, this can quickly add up costing you hundreds of dollars each month.

Luckily, the advent of the internet has given the opportunity to well-seasoned trainers to develop and offer their own programs online. This has created an affordable solution for many who are seeking to lose weight with professional help.

But determining the best program is the challenge. Which ones work? Which ones come up short? Which one is the best? We decided to review the top 10 popular weight loss programs out there to determine which one really was the best choice. In fact, we chose straight forward criteria – weight loss, strength building, and easy to follow program guide.

With the help with some very enthusiastic volunteers we reviewed ten popular fat burning programs and only chose one using our criteria. Overall, we were impressed with many of them and their effectiveness, but only one top the rest and producing excellent weight loss in only days.

Again, we reviewed ten weight loss programs, using the following criteria:

  • Real Weight Loss – Was their significant fat loss (and not water loss)?

  • Real Strength Gain – Did the program increase overall strength?

  • Easy to Implement Program – Was the program easy to use?


Overall Rating:

Easy to follow program for losing fat and gaining lean muscle.
Our top choice.


Review of
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
Our Top-Ranked Weight Loss Program

Of the ten programs we thoroughly reviewed, it was Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat” program that really stood above the rest.

To be honest, other weight loss programs had come close, but Tom Venuto’s straight forward program and experience really topped the others.

Written and developed by world class trainer, Tom Venuto, the program has been picking up a lot of praise from high places, including Oprah’s Magazine and Men’s Fitness.

What interested us about Venuto’s program was the claim of users having a significant transformation within 49 days – which is less than two months. We always like to take up such challenges and reviewed the program with much interest.

No doubt, the program’s step-by-step guide allows a complete novice that doesn’t know much about fitness to step right in and start seeing results. Although it is not embedded in our own criteria, we also look at the “drop out” rates of programs, which it had none. Impressively, the program was easy enough to follow, implement, and stick with, which led to the impressive results for the volunteers.

Tom Venuto is no stranger to the fitness world, he has well over 20 years of body building and fitness experience, and is well regarded in the fitness community. He does not make any empty promises here - you will need to do the work. But the results can be very impressive if you stick with this program.

This Burn the Fat program is a tremendous value for those who are terribly out of shape and need a program to get off the ground. It also perfect for those who are at intermediate fitness level, and who want to sculpt a more picture perfect body. While professional trainers may find this program too basic, it certainly offers ways to maintain their physique too.

We feel extremely confident in recommending this program to anyone who wants see dramatic weight loss and strength gain.

The Verdict: Excellent Weight Loss Program, Stamina and Strength Builder, and easy to follow.

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