Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?
When choosing a weight loss and body reshaping plan, you are probably concerned about the cost of the program, how intensive it will be, whether you will be able to follow the diet and how long it will take before you start to see real results. For the most part, though, you just want to know if it works. It doesn't matter how much a program costs if it takes 2 months to lose a pound and then you gain six the next week. Finding out all the details of a program is great but in the end you really just want the endorsement that the plan does, in fact, produce results. So the question is, does Fat Burning Furnace work?

First, consider the exercise plan carefully designed by creator Rob Poulos to get maximum effect in minimum time. Called the 15 Minute Miracle, this program centers not around direct fat-burning as does the cardio-intensive plans of many other programs, but rather high intensity, short duration sessions of weightlifting exercises intended to give the body a high calorie burn during the workout, boost the metabolism for increased caloric burn after the workout, and the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. This muscle tissue requires more calories each day to survive than non-muscle tissue, meaning it will burn an excess of calories even during periods of rest. When this caloric burn exceeds the number of calories you have eaten, the body then turns to your fat stores for fuel to survive and function. This is when the real fat burning begins, which equates to fast, sustainable weight loss. These principles have been proven by scientific study, the concept of a slim, well-toned body with a high level of lean muscle tissue burning more calories than one that is not as fit. While the other programs may burn more actual fat during their long, strenuous workouts, FBF turns your body, literally, into a Fat Burning Furnace, so that it is able to continuously burn high numbers of calories and do away with those unsightly fat stores quickly.

The second part of the system is the well-thought out diet plan that supports the exercise routine perfectly. This diet plan is based on the idea of feeding your body balanced combinations of protein, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables at regular intervals throughout the day. These combinations provide long-lasting energy, a feeling of satisfaction so you won't experience the consistent hunger that tends to be an issue with other diet plans, and better functioning of your body. This diet also encourages the growth and maintenance of the lean muscle mass that is so important to the overall working of this program. Because the diet does not focus on extreme restriction of fat, calories or carbohydrates, and uses only accessible foods, this diet is perfect for those dieters who are too busy to think a lot about their foods, or are very picky about what they eat.

So does FBF work? With all of the solid scientific concepts backing up the design and implementation as indicators, and the droves of satisfied users as confirmation, the simple answer is yes.

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