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The Fat Burning Furnace book was first written by Rob Poulos in 2006. Since that the book has been updated and improved numerous times with the latest weight loss information, although the basic premise has remained the same. At 162 pages this bulk of this book (approximately 100 pages) is devoted to the FBF exercise plan known as the 15 minute miracle method.

The Fat Burning Furnace ebook opens with an introductory section that sets the stage for the rest of the information to follow. This first section includes a discussion of the vast amount of misinformation in the fitness industry, and how it creates mass confusion that leads to failure whenever you try to lose weight. Rob illustrates this confusion by telling us about his own frustrations with losing weight, and how he finally overcome his struggle and made being healthy and in shape a lifetime habit.

The next section is the largest as it goes over the Fat Burning Furnace exercise method. It opens with a discussion of the importance of strength training for fat loss. Included is an explanation of why and how you should incorporate strength training without bulking up to look like a bodybuilder. Rob then covers the basic principles of the 15 minute miracle method and shows how this method can be used at either in a gym or at home. This includes a discussion of the best exercises and how to perform them properly, including sets, reps, etc. Also included are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines, along with a guide for selecting the best routine for you. All of this is neatly summarized at the end of the chapter in the “11 Secrets of Proper Exercise.”

The third section of the book covers everyone's “favorite” weight loss topic- diet. Rob begins by explaining where most diets fail, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that will only leave you frustrated. You will then use the Fat Burning Furnace Metabolic Rate Calculator to determine the number of calories you should be consuming throughout the day. Rob then walks you through the best food choices for fat loss, and also tell you exactly when you should be eating for optimal results. As with the exercise section, the Fat Burning Furnace diet section is summed-up in the “11 secrets of Proper Nutrition.”

The final section of the Fat Burning Furnace book includes a variety of additional tips not covered in the previous sections. This includes discussions of sleep, stress reduction, and achieving the proper mindset. There is even a section on how to incorporate the FBF plan for seniors.

Overall the Fat Burning Furnace ebook will provide you with the specific tools you need to lose weight. But more than that, it also gives you the “why” behind each recommendation. This background information is nice, as it gives you confidence that by following the FBF plan to the letter you will achieve results at the fastest rate possible.

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