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The Fat Burning Furnace plan, created by fitness author Rob Poulos, is centered around an intense exercise program. To start with Rob shoots holes in the argument that you need to spend hours on the treadmill (or elliptical, bike, stairmaster, etc.) in order to burn away fat. Instead, he presents the concept of “interval training” which allows you to lose weight more faster and with less exercise.

In fact, with this strategy the author claims that you can achieve greater results in 15 minutes of interval training than you could with a full hour of traditional cardio (this is why the Fat Burning Furnace is also know as the 15 minute miracle method). This is a result of an elevation in resting metabolic rate (RMR) due to the intense nature of Fat Burning Furnace style of interval training. What this basically means is that your body will continue to burn more calories than normal for up to 72 hours following one of these intense interval training sessions!

In addition to the benefits of interval training, the Fat Burning Furnace exercise plan also emphasizes the importance of proper strength training to tone muscles and further increase your metabolic rate. Since muscle burns calories even when you are resting this is another good strategy to help you lose weight without having to spend hours on the treadmill.

The real key to the success of the Fat Burning Furnace exercise program is that it combines the two methods mentioned above into a hybrid “interval-strength” workout, which gives you the benefits of both training methods in the least amount of time. This efficient approach to exercise means that you will spend less time working out without sacrificing any of the results. On the Fat Burning Furnace exercise program you can expect to perform between 3 and 4 sessions of 20-30 minutes every week. This amounts to less than 2 hours of exercise per week – something that even the busiest of us can manage to fit into our schedules.

In addition to the unique idea of interval-strength training, the author also presents some interesting techniques for getting the most out of each session. Many people use strength training, or even interval training, but they don't get the results they are looking for. The main reason is that they are incorporating these powerful tools in the wrong way. In order to burn fat at a rapid pace you have to use these tools in the correct way, which means focusing on three important factors:

1. Exercise Speed
Did you know that how fast or slow you perform an exercise can greatly impact your results? As with the rest of the Fat Burning Furnace exercise plan the author shows you how to get maximum results with minimum effort. By performing your repetitions at the correct speed you can achieve similar results in one set of exercise that it would take 3 or more sets to achieve using traditional exercise protocols.

2. Exercise Selection
Choosing the correct exercises will greatly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your training. This is due to the fact that some exercises burn more calories than others. Some authors recommend using free weight exercises over exercise machines, but the author shows us that one isn't necessarily better than the other. Instead, he gives us a comprehensive list of the best exercises (both with machines and without) for each muscle group in the body. He evens shows you how to get great results without any equipment at all.

3. Progression
To achieve long lasting results your exercise program should progress as you do. The beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines allow you to progress from couch potato to advanced exerciser as you continue to lose weight quickly and safely. It may also be surprising to learn that as you progress you will actually require LESS exercise.

If this is all sounds like a bit much, don't worry, a variety of detailed programs are completely laid-out with photos and instructions on each exercise. There are programs for every level of exerciser, including a special section for older people. Every program is designed to slowly increase in intensity as your fitness improves. This progression insures that your workouts stay fun, fresh, and most of all, effective.

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