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The biggest misconception about weight loss is that one needs to stop eating. Nothing could be further from the truth. Starvation diets, supplements, or even processed “fat free” foods don’t help you lose weight as much as they store fat on your body. It is the Fat Burning Furnace foods that are key to helping you burn fat and lose the kind of weight you have set for your goal.

The human body cannot properly digest foods that are processed. The body reacts by storing the foods away as fat adding to your weight rather than detracting from it. Sugary foods do not supply the type of energy your body needs to burn fat and burning fat is the key to losing weight for the long term.

The Fat Burning Furnace diet and fitness program is filled with an all natural menu of foods that support the body’s function. An all-natural diet in support of the high intensity exercise regimen outlined by the program will result in marked weight loss and the building of lean muscle.

The truth is that eating is good for you. Food provides essential sustenance that helps the body operate efficiently. A lot of diet programs and fitness plans try to drive you away from eating but the Fat Burning Furnace does no such thing. To discover the kinds of foods that support weight loss read the Fat Burning Furnace e-book.

Author Rob Poulos has outlined the nutritional science of the Fat Burning Furnace foods so you can understand how eating actually can allow your body to burn fat and more importantly energize you body for the physical intensity of the workout regimen and build lean muscle while you are at rest.

Natural foods devoid of sugar and process chemicals are digested by the body and support proper metabolism. When food is metabolized correctly the body can function to power through exercise, and burn fat that is already stored in the body rather than pile it on. Poulos preaches a 15-minute miracle workout that can sculpt your body but it is the foods that make your body into a Fat Burning Furnace.

The Fat Burning Furnace weight loss and fitness program is a real way to lose weight and get as fit as you could ever be. With a regimented diet plan and high-intensity exercise plan fitness guru Rob Poulos can help transform your body into a Fat Burning Furnace.

The key to the plan is two-fold. The diet plan is regimented to fuel your body over time to maximize the fitness plan that is made up of high-intensity short interval workouts that stress your muscles to their limit. By starting with a menu of natural proteins and carbohydrates your body is given the material it needs to heal and build new leaner muscle. By adding naturally occurring fats as the plan progresses your body better metabolizes fat and you lose weight at a measured rate. You can feel free to eat meat, poultry and fish as well as whole grain breads and other delicious foods that other diet plans instruct you to avoid.

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