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Weight loss isn't about just one thing. You can't learn one concept and expect to be successful losing those extra pounds. You must combine knowledge of nutrition and exercise and how these work with your body in order to help you shed unwanted weight and reshape your body into a slimmer, more attractive you. This was in mind as Rob Poulos and his wife combined forces to create the Fat Burning Furnace "15 Minute Miracle" weight loss program. This program comes with a full-length e-book that contains the information necessary to be truly successful with the FBF plan.

The first section of the book deals with your body and what is really going on in there when you are trying to lose weight. Immediately mass-marketed weight loss programs are approached and debunked. The book is written like a conversation, making you feel as though a friend is talking to you, telling you all the little secrets to getting in shape and being healthy. Because of this, you don't feel like you are being lectured or scolded for your choices or if you have previously chosen another program that didn't work for you. Instead, you are encouraged to "learn from" Poulos's mistakes and take him along with you on your weight loss journey.

The second section of the book focuses on exercise. The program itself consists of short bursts of high-intensity weightlifting exercise that burns calories, boosts your metabolism and increases muscle mass that, in turn, burns even more calories even when you aren't exercising. In the Fat Burning Furnace program e-book the principles of this exercise routine are discussed in detail.

The science behind the concepts is explained so that you understand exactly why this type of exercise will help you lose weight quickly and easily with lifelong maintenance. Even though the program does not encourage long periods of cardio exercise, the book also discusses why things such as "long walks on the beach" are healthy, enjoyable additions to your life.

The third section of the book deals with "fueling" the furnace that is your body. The diet plan laid out within this program focuses on high-quality, nutrient-rich foods such as whole carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and complete proteins. These foods maximize your body's functioning and make you feel great without boring you or stressing out your wallet. Various diet additives, such as sodium and alcohol, are discussed and there are extensive meal planning guides that help you get used to the diet plan so it can be a lifelong style of eating.

The final section of the book helps you condense all of the information offered in the other sections and truly maximize the results of the program. In this section the mental aspect of weight loss is considered. Poulos encourages you to think positively and not to forget that mental health encourages physical health. If you really want to be successful at losing weight, you have to be informed. With the FBF e-book, you will get all the information you need and learn to live healthier and thinner.

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