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Just about everybody loves to eat. It is a multi-sensory activity filled with wonderful smells, sights, textures, and, of course, tastes that make it easy to understand why food is often the center of many activities. This can make the idea of dieting to lose weight unpleasant and put up a barrier to your efforts to shed those extra pounds, reshape your body and get healthy. Even though specialty diet foods can be a very effective means to restricting calories and losing weight, they can also be expensive and bland. With a limited number of options available, these diets often find you falling into an eating rut. You choose the same meals every day and not only aren't getting a wide array of nutrients, but you get bored. Boredom with and disliking the foods available on a specific diet are the main reason a lot of diet plans fail. A plan can be the most effective program ever created and guarantee huge results, but that doesn't matter much if you aren't going to stay on it. A much better choice is a program that combines super-effective exercise and a realistic, enjoyable diet to help you on the road to weight loss success.

The FBF diet, part of the incredible "FatBurning Furnace" program developed by Rob Poulos and his wife, doesn't require that you stop eating "real" or recognizable food or rely completely on prepackaged, frozen or dehydrated foods in order to lose weight. The diet is based on the scientifically-proved concepts of nutrition including balance of different nutrients and eating in a way that will keep you satisfied in order to curb the diet-sabotaging cravings hunger causes.

Unlike many plans, the FBF program focuses on combinations of types of foods rather than fat or calorie content. This type of diet allows for the kind of weight loss that can actually be maintained for the long run, as opposed to many "quick-fix" programs that promise, and may temporarily deliver, fast losses but leave your body unbalanced and starving. If your body feels like this then it will regain the weight that it lost, usually just as fast if not faster than it lost it.

This diet is not complicated and makes it possible to eat your favorite foods, and still eat with your family and friends, without sacrificing results. The book that comes with the program outlines eating plans that will teach you the basics of menu planning so you can modify the foods to your own tastes. All you have to do is learn the right combinations and when to eat them. For example, your morning meal should consist of two portions of carbohydrates such as high fiber cereal, a portion of protein such as the milk for the cereal, and a portion of vegetables. This could also be an egg with spinach and a piece of toast. The options are endless. Because you are eating foods that will satisfy your body and give it the nutrition it needs to work well, you won't be hungry or feel weak and you will be able to exercise and live better.

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