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Everybody is an individual with a body that must be treated differently. This means that if you have decided you want to lose weight, reshape your body, and start getting healthy, you have to make a decision about the program that you are going to follow based on your own body. What works for someone else might not work for you. Age, starting weight, starting health, dietary restrictions and body type all contribute to how a program will work. Fortunately, there are programs that exist that work for just about everybody. Choosing a program that can be modified to fit your exact needs is a great first step in selecting a plan that will help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals without sacrificing your health or pushing yourself too hard.

A top choice for this type of program is the Fat Burning Furnace. Also called the 15 Minute Miracle, the FBF system is based on strong, simple scientific principles. In this program exercise is combined with a user-friendly diet plan to structure your life around a healthy, sustainable lifestyle instead of crash diets that drastically reduce calories and require strenuous workouts to achieve results. The diet plan does not focus on calorie or fat consumption but rather the balance of the foods that are eaten. Proper combinations of carbohydrates, proteins, and fruits and vegetables are eaten at regular intervals throughout the day to keep your body feeling strong and energized. On this plan you eat regular foods that are easy to find and not expensive and that can be made into meals you can share with your entire family. This makes dieting much less discouraging and overwhelming. Just by understanding how your body works best with the fuel it is given, you will learn to feed it the most effective combinations so that you won't feel hungry, tired or deprived. Following a diet that offers a wide variety, and can easily be modified for restrictions such as vegetarians or those with allergies, is easy to stick to because you won't get bored or be forced to eat things you don't like. You get to be in control of the foods you eat.

The diet plan works in conjunction with the exercise routines that make up the core basis of the program. Rob Poulos, designer of the FBF program, spent years perfecting an exercise system that would help people that suffered the same obesity that he had in his younger years. What he came up with was a program that would be time-efficient and super-effective. By creating movements that include weightlifting and use the entire body, he established a routine that could be performed in as little as 15 minutes to burn excess calories, give a powerful boost to the metabolism and encourage the development of muscle tissue that will turn your body into a "fat burning furnace". These exercises can be modified depending on your starting condition and can take as long as you need them to until your body gets used to the work and the movements become even more effective.

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