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Nobody starts a weight loss program because they feel great about themselves. The decision to find a weight loss and body reshaping plan, comes from the realization that you are not the "you" that you really want to be. Maybe you gained a few extra pounds after you got married, are still carrying around some baby weight (or some sympathy baby weight, dads), got caught up in the indulgences of the holidays and can't zip your New Year's Eve party dress or have just lived an unhealthy lifestyle too long and want to change it. Any way that you got to this place, you have found yourself staring into a mirror and thinking, "There has got to be something better." Well, there is. Beyond just the cosmetic things that come along with carrying excess weight, being overweight and under-active can cause serious health problems. As a society we know enough about weight and health to know that being close to the ideal weight for your height and body type is a big part of living a healthy, productive life. Maintaining a good weight staves of many diseases, gives you energy and helps you perform all of your day-to-day activities better and more efficiently.

In order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and strong body, you must choose and adhere to a program that will help you along. You have probably heard of dozens of such programs. It seems every day there is a new "wonder system" that promises astonishing results in progressively shorter periods of time. If it continues with the pattern, pretty soon weight loss companies will be promising that just reading about the program will cause you to look instantly amazing. The truth is weight loss takes work. Gaining excess pounds didn't happen instantly and neither will losing those pounds and sculpting a slimmer, stronger, more aesthetically-pleasing you. That doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice anything delicious and sweat yourself to death on complicated machines or in boot camp-style group classes. You can achieve your weight loss and body reshaping goals while still enjoying a normal, comfortable life. It will take effort and you will have to make changes but you don't have to be a completely different person just to get healthy. Adopting an effective program is one of the changes that you will have to make but if you make the right decision, your goals will be within reach and the journey there will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

The FBF weight loss system (Fatburning Furnace), called the 15 Minute Miracle because its full-body, weightlifting exercises were designed to be performed in as little as 15 minutes, two to three times a week for maximum calorie burn and muscle tissue increase, is a top pick for those dieters looking for a cost-conscious, easy to learn, easy to follow, adaptable program. By reading the included e-book and understanding how the diet and exercise plans work together, you will quickly be on your way to the fabulous “you” you know you want to be.

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