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Let’s face it - everyone wants to have great looking abs, right? So many of us are even horrified to take off our shirts in front of anyone, even at the gym! Well, working to have a great looking, rock-hard stomach often seems hopeless and could be pretty frustrating. Yet, finding the right personal fitness trainer would probably help burn the fat and sculpt your stomach.

Unfortunately, getting the help of a certified trainer will most likely break the bank, costing up to $185 for only an hour! Even if you want to hire an inexperienced trainer, you can pay up to $75 an hour at your average gym. If you do the math, this can really put a big dent in your wallet every month – and still not be guaranteed any results!

Fortunately, the internet has allowed highly experienced fitness trainers to develop many of the award winning abdominal exercise programs online. This has created an affordable solution for many who are seeking to finally get that six pack they’ve always wanted.

We reviewed several of the top abdominal fitness programs, using the following criteria:

  • Real Fat Loss – was there real weight loss and fat loss around the midsection?

  • Sculpted Six Pack – Did we see rock-hard, nicely sculpted abs?

  • Easy to Use – Was the program easy to use?


Overall Rating:

The Truth About Six Pack Abs delivers true midsection weight loss, nicely sculpted abs, and is easy to use.


Review of
The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Out of the abdominal fitness programs that we reviewed, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, by Mike Geary, was the number one choice that topped all others.

While, we were certainly impressed with three other programs, Geary’s program beat out the rest. The Truth About Six Pack Abs, one of the top selling Ab fitness programs in the world, was by far, the best choice among those we reviewed.

The program was developed by a top trainer and has received quite a lot of fanfare, which is why we closely looked at this program harder than the others. It offers a unique challenge to those who want to strengthen and sculpt their midsection: If we want great abs then we need to throw out what we know about working out our stomachs.

This was quite different. So, we decided to take up Geary’s challenge, which is a little unorthodox from the mainstream programs. In fact, Geary’s program actually doesn’t require you to do any traditional abdominal workouts in the traditional sense. But it’s effectiveness was clear.

Certainly, the program’s easy-to-follow guide provides the “out of shape” novice the ability to step right in and start seeing results quickly. This high motivating program also includes a “fat burning” meal plan as well as advice on supplements, dieting, and lifestyle changes. In addition, the program was easy to follow and stick with, which we also pay close attention to.

In order for a program like this to work, it has to be realistic. Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs plan has been tried by nearly a half-million people in 130 countries, generating pretty fantastic results. Let’s be clear, this isn’t a ‘magic pill” program, you will need to do the work. Yet, the results can be very impressive if you stay with Geary’s program.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a great value for those who look in the mirror and see several tires floating around their midsection and want to burn them off forever. It provides real results for the novice, but it also works for those who are further along in their fitness regimen. Even professional athletes would have something to gain from Geary’s program.

Without a doubt, we feel very confident about recommending this program to anyone who would like to finally see a true six pack when they look in the mirror.

The Verdict: The Truth About Six Pack Abs delivers true midsection weight loss, nicely sculpted abs, and is easy to use.

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