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Despite what we see every day on TV, nobody really has the time to spend hours in the gym every day and then even longer planning intricate, delicately balanced meals to fit into some super regime. If these people do exist they probably have enough money that it doesn't matter what program they use to lose weight, they can afford the best trainers, the best chefs and the best everything else to take care of their day-to-day lives while they concentrate on losing those few extra pounds. For everyone else, though, weight loss efforts must fit in with the other obligations that face them every day. Groceries still have to be bought. Laundry still has to be done. Most people still have to go to work. This doesn't mean that shedding a little extra weight or warding off pounds is a lost cause. Even the busiest of businessmen or the most devoted of housewives can work in taking care of themselves when the program they choose has time, efficiency and cost in mind.

The hot-pick weight loss and body makeover program from Zero to Hero Fitness, FatBurning Furnace, came just in time. With a society that is rapidly growing more and more overweight, a program geared toward getting the best results in the fastest time with the most comfortable and easy effort possible is a great find. This program is often called the "15 Minute Miracle" because of just how well it works and how quickly. With just two fifteen minute sessions a week, a dieter can totally change his body in as little as two weeks. This is due to the powerful design of the program which takes weightlifting technique and applies it to full-body exercises that force the body to use bursts of intense effort. These bursts equal massive caloric burn as well as quick muscle building. These muscles have many benefits. In addition to obvious cosmetic appeal of a well-toned and developed body, muscle mass has fat-burning benefits as well. A single pound of added muscle tissue requires an extra 40-60 calories a day to maintain. These are calories that are being burned without any extra effort being exerted. Multiply this calorie burn by how many pounds of muscle can be built by using this incredible system and it is possible to burn hundreds of extra calories each day. If these calories, plus those that are burned through exercise, exceed the number a person eats that day, the body starts using fat as fuel. This means weight loss!

The reason this program is called the Fat Burning Furnace is simple. By using the exercise program in high-intensity fifteen minute spurts a dieter's body adds muscle which turns his body into a furnace that burns through extra fat stores in order to fuel it. All day, even when sleeping, the body will be burning additional calories thanks to the muscles built through the weightlifting exercises. It seems so simple but simplicity is usually the best way to go. Weightlifting equals muscle which equals calorie burning which results in weight loss.

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